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The House of Private Collections

MACAM – Museu de Arte Contemporânea Armando Martins is exhibiting the collection of Portuguese modern art and contemporary art from Portugal and abroad that collector Armando Martins began in 1974, and which continues to grow.

In addition to the permanent exhibition of the collection, MACAM presents other temporary exhibitions of pieces from other private collections, alongside a parallel programme of conferences and meetings that promote reflection on the exhibitions.


The 5-star MACAM Hotel is the first hotel in Portugal to house works from its collection in its rooms and communal spaces.

A palace in the Art District

The museum is housed in an enormous 18th-century palace that has been restored and extended, located the centre of one of Lisbon’s main cultural and tourist areas, the Alcântara-Belém Art District.

An educational heritage

The palace has hosted educational institutions since the beginning of the 20th century, and MACAM continues this work. An innovative programme of public outreach is underway to raise awareness and stimulate the experience of discovery, enjoyment and knowledge through modern and contemporary art. 

More spaces to explore

In addition to the various exhibition spaces, you'll find site-specific works installed in the building, garden, restaurant spaces, exclusive shop and the stunning deconsecrated chapel dedicated to the performing arts and literature. The sheer variety makes this an absolute must-see.

©Fernando Guerra I FG+SG.
©Fernando Guerra I FG+SG.

Discover the Collection

Discover the history of one of the best private art collections in Portugal.